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Up-and-running and reaching a large unserved market

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Santa Cruz, California

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 Social networking and dating platforms have experienced massive growth.  What is missing are better ways for members of shared-interest communities to connect with other people who share their concerns and values, with options to be linked for social networking, personal friendship, or dating.  This business has created a unique new platform aimed at one such community, allowing members to pursue community network connections, friendship connections, and dating connections from the same platform.  Unlike a generic dating system, it is also a home for businesses and groups who share common values.   A member doesn’t have to participate in all aspects.  The platform is more attractive to those who are seeking dating because there is so much more – it provides a means of connecting with people who inherently are more personally compatible than random members of a massive generic system.  The synergy between the two sides is powerful, but for everyone, it is optional.  There is nothing else like it.

This comprehensive platform is designed for the “consciously connected” community.  Terms such as “mindfulness” resonate with the members.  They strive to honor the planet and all of its life.  Within this community, the platform matches businesses with vendors, facilitators with clients, events with services, and individuals for networking, collaboration and love.

The business founder is a prominent and recognized leader in VIP matchmaking, an author and speaker, and a successful organizer of major events aimed at the mindful community.  The platform has been fully implemented and is populated with an initial membership.   This start-up has been completely founder-funded.  It has been launched quietly without major marketing. The founder now has commitments to some other business ventures and she will be moving to join a new spouse in operating those new ventures.

For funding and focus reasons the business needs new ownership, either an individual with necessary skills and resources, or acquisition by a company where this is a good it.  Because this is at an early stage, the founder is seeking only to recover an initial investment and have the business flourish in new hands.  She does however remain committed, and she will be willing to work with you intensively for a transition period, as well as maintain on-going involvement, on reasonable terms to be negotiated.

So, you not only get the entire platform and all associated intellectual property for an extremely reasonable investment, but you also can have the services of a dynamic, creative and successful leader who will work with you to take the concept to the next stages.

This is an unmatched opportunity for the right party.  If that is you, please contact [email protected] or call 831-625-5581 today.


This is not a typical business-for-sale listing.  Please, principals only.  Thank you.