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It is imperative that both buyers and sellers have available to them a team of experts specifically qualified and trained in facilitating the multiple components of selling and buying a business. With over three decades of experience, we have established strategic alliances with the best of the best in their respected fields of specialization and expertise,all designed to make the entire process efficient, cost effective, and seamless.

Here are just a few of the areas in which we have resources available:

Business Attorneys - Specialists in business transactions, including assisting buyers in the due diligence process and forming corporations.

Escrow Agents and Attorneys a team of experts who are widely recognized for their proficiency in coordinating the bulk sale process.

CPAs - Buyers and sellers may require these services to analyze financial statements, provide clarification of add backs and create projected financials.

LendersRelationships with leading SBA preferred lenders, making the sometimes arduous task of financing secure and painless.

IT and Web Designers - Today competitive environment demands that businesses utilize current technology. Doing so creates a more professional, contemporary image for your company. We have assembled a dynamic team of experts in assisting you in this endeavor.

Business Consulting - Peninsula Consulting Group, a sister company, is renowned for its business and turn around strategies. The firm can assist business owners in quickly and comprehensively identifying and remedying challenges. This is a great resource for buyers working to establishing a meaningful and measurable business marketing plan.

Contact us today to find the right resource for your situation.

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